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Bradys Avengers

Ryan Igna

Ryan Igna

Bradys Avengers! Come join the Adventure

We are participating in an amazing event for our third straight year and we wanted to ask for your support.

Brady was diagnosed with ASD in 2016, and ever since then, each day is a new adventure for us. From playing with letters and laying out the alphabet, forward and backward, of course, while spelling every word he remembers by memory, to playing with his little sister trying to keep her away from his letters by handing her the occasional stuffed animal, to simply enjoying a wagon ride around the neighborhood on the way to the park.

Each day has separate challenges, but It has truly been a blessing watching our little man grow over the last few years, he excels in school and loves every minute of it, there isn't a day that goes by he doesn't surprise us with something new he's learned. Our Journey has been long and we still have a long road ahead, but we are so excited to see what lies ahead, thanks in part to some truly amazing help and support from some amazing family and friends, great teachers, but most of all an amazing mom at home to keep things together.

Those of you who know Brady know just how amazing he is. He can light up anyone's day just by flashing you a silly smile. Brady shows us what it means to be strong and enjoy the little things, he is our superhero!

Thank you to everyone for all you contributions to an absolutely amazing cause.



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1. LDLynda Dioszegi
Keep on being that shining star, Brady!
2. KSKaren Schubert
Good luck
3. TTrigge Family
Brady we are so proud of all you accomplishments! You are truly amazing!
4. CMClarence McNeal
5. SKShreyas Kolhe
6. BWBrian Werner

Team Bradys Avengers