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High Fives For Hank

High Fives for Hank

Dear Supporters,

This year, we are walking in the 4th annual Autism Hero Walk (Detroit), to support Henry, who was diagnosed in 2017. This cause is very dear to our family and we appreciate all the support we can get!

The 4th annual Autism Hero Walk will raise funds for crucial programming in the state of Michigan. Autism Alliance of Michigan is leading Michigan on the path to becoming a top 5 state in which to raise a child with autism.

The Autism Alliance of Michigan is powered by the commitment and support from individuals like you. Please help us reach our goal of $2000 by donating to our team.

Help. Hope. Answers. Today.

Thank you for visiting our page. Together we can make a difference!
- Steve, Catie, Grayson and Henry

Catie Weber
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  • HWHenry Weber
  • GWGrayson Weber
  • CNCraig Noonan
  • SNSarah Noonan
  • ENEmma Noonan
Marianna Kulpa
  • BKBrian Kulpa
Genna Falzon
  • DVDave VanderWeele
Erik Best
  • JBJennifer Best
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Julie Noonan
  • FWFrank Weber


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