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Team Dilly

Team dilly

Please help us support Autism Alliance of Michigan by making a contribution to our team and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance Autism Alliance of Michigan's great cause!

Together, we can make a difference!

Erica Tartamella
  • EtErica tartamella
  • MsMichael scrafano
  • HtHellen tartamella
  • GsGrayson scrafano
  • LsLogan scrafano
  • CcCerressa collis
  • CtChris tartamella
  • MgMegan grace
  • MgMichael grace
  • MgMathew grace
  • CgCarmon grace
  • PtPolly tartamella
  • AtAlex tartamella
  • BtBrody tartamella
  • OtOliva tartamella
  • NfNikkie frantz
  • KfKeith frantz
  • DfDilly frantz
  • SFShopia Frantz
  • BFBrooklyn Frantz
  • JFJamerson Frantz
  • CtCharlie tartamella
  • TtTranity tartamella
  • FtFarah tartamella
  • FtFiona tartamella
  • JgJennifer gokey
  • TgTaylor gokey
  • EgEmily gokey
  • RgRaliy gokey


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