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Evan's Pit Crew

Evan's Pit Crew

Every year I always struggle with what I should write. This has been a great year for Evan. He is starting to come out of his shell, he is saying more words, starting to put sentences together, telling you his wants and needs. He has made a lot of progress. Even after all the progress he has made, to the outside world they have no clue. People are so unaware of how unkind or judgmental they are. To the lady that assumes Evan is being rude because he will not respond to her or the friend that just doesn’t get it…. Every single day Evan/we are being judged. It is not fair to us to have to explain to every person we come in contact with that “he has autism”. Why can’t people just be nicer? We need to treat others the way we would want to be treated. It starts with the adults. Be kind, teach your children to be kind. Unless you are part of the Autism world you really don’t know the struggles we as a family face day to day. One day our struggle may be a behavior issue, the next could be an eating issue, every day it can be something new. Evan is a jumping, humming, screaming, stimming, take my clothes off and run around naked in the backyard, I’m not going to eat nothing for you today, run in circles kind of kid. Evan is a GIANT ball of energy! I love to see him get excited about something. When he knows he is great at something, the smile on his face, that confidence that beams out of him is just incredible. He loves cars! Especially NASCAR. I like to tell people he likes NASCAR so much because it has all his favorite things, Numbers, Letters, words, and Cars. He always wants to know “what does that say”, one of the cutest voices I have ever heard. Although Evan had a great academic year we have decided to keep him one more year in his Special Education Preschool class. Evan struggles with change but with the help of his teacher we hope to have him ready to go and be Class of 2033. Evan attends speech therapy twice a week and we have recently started ABA therapy 5 days a week where they are focusing on his eating. Every day is a struggle to get Evan to eat. Evan thrives more and more each day and we are Grateful/Thankful/Blessed to have Mrs. Leanne, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Ronni, Mrs. Fields in our corner helping our guy. It was because of the Autism Alliance of Michigan we were able to get our therapies started early. Neither of the companies we work for offer Autism coverage on our insurance. They pointed us in the right direction to get Evan coverage. We do not qualify for waivers or government insurance. We pay out of pocket $300-$1800 each month to get Evan the therapy he needs and though it sounds like a lot it could be worse and we could have no therapy and no coverage at all. Evan is doing great! Evan is growing and learning each and every day! The past two years we have been in the top 15 teams for fundraising, we are hoping to keep the streak alive. We would love if you were a part of that. Remember to JUST BE KIND! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit our page. Thank you again and have a great day!
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