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Welcome to Kelly Woloszyk's Page

Kelly Woloszyk

Kelly Woloszyk

As some of you know, Brody was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder shortly before he turned 4. He is a very busy boy, working hard and progressing in the therapies he is currently in.

All donations for the Autism Hero Walk go into a general fund category, which means they will fund any current programs of AAoM, which all fall under our 4 pillars of work:

* Navigation: Life-long guide with professional help and answers for anyone touched by autism.
* Education: Create a community with awareness and high expectations in schools and at large to prepare for a safe, successful, and inclusive life.
* Employment: Maximize employment opportunities for individuals of all abilities across industries, through innovation and partnerships
* Independent Living: Drive initiatives that allow individual with autism to attain the independent or supported living they choose.

We appreciate all the support we can get to help fund some of these programs for these special souls. Together we can make a difference! Please register and walk with us and enjoy a fun day at the zoo! Love to all! - Kelly



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