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Team Denver

Team Denver

Thank you for visiting! Denver is 3 years old. He is smart, funny and his smile lights up an entire room. His laugh is infectious. Denver is also severe on the autism spectrum. Denver was diagnosed in March of 2018. Obtaining an autism diagnosis can be a long and grueling process, it took 6 months for us to get a diagnosis and almost a full year for him to begin services. From the very beginning Autism Alliance of Michigan was there to support our family. They got Denver an Angelsense GPS device and offer so many other resources that are invaluable to our family. This is our chance to give back and support them, but we need your help! We would love for you to join our team and walk with us, support Denver, and help us raise funds for the AAoM. If you are unable to walk a donation of any amount is so greatly appreciated and means so much. Again, thank you for visiting our page and thank you for your support!

Mary Decker
  • EDEmmaleigh Decker
  • DDDenver Decker
  • JWJerry Wicker
Amanda Storms
  • ZCZachary Campeau
  • CCColleen Campeau
  • GCGeorge Campeau
Eddie Harrison
  • JHJessica Harrison
  • BHBennett Harrison
  • CHChandler Harrison
  • LHLucas Harrison
Heather Proud
  • LPLillie Proud
  • APAdeline Proud
  • ZPZander Proud
Jaymi Burrell
  • JHJoy Hoek
Katy Spencer
  • CSChris Spencer
  • RSRyan Spencer
  • LSLydia Spencer


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